About Kitchen United

Kitchen United is a new-to-the-world multi-unit concept that meets at the intersection of three food megatrends: localization, delivery, and artisanal production. Kitchen United provides the commercial kitchen infrastructure to enable big restaurant brands to get closer to their customers, all types of restaurants to optimize their footprint for off-premise dining occasions.

The food delivery industry is already massive ($43B in 2017) and is projected by Morgan Stanley to eclipse $210B in the next ten years. As Kitchen United expands, and opens 15-20 facilities across the country, we will provide the infrastructure to help facilitate this growth. Our plan calls for opening 100+ locations over the next few years, each with 15-20 restaurants. It will be the fastest ever restaurant expansion.

Our United Best

The behaviors and traits that we seek in our people

A Positive attitude with a sprinkle of sparkle

We love to make our work fun, to be happy and to ensure everyone we engage with has a great experience - from the cooks in each of our kitchens and the delivery service provider drivers that collect from us and of course, to each other and to our dine-in guests. We believe we can bring some sparkle to everyone’s day with how we bring our ‘Positive Attitude’ to work

Humble but ambitious

We love to innovate and try out new ideas that help us become the best at what we do. We’re open to new ideas and we know that not all will succeed, but we persevere regardless. We dream big and aspire to be great in all that we do. We willingly seek out feedback and we politely provide it too as we care about each other.

We know that by being humble & ambitious, we can achieve our personal and professional goals together.

Work hard, Work Smart, Work United

We enjoy being busy and are natural self-starters. We proactively seek out tasks to help our team members and lend a hand when someone struggles, even when we’re already busy. We’re team players, thriving on what we do and working under pressure each and every day.

We’re adaptable, follow processes and see our tasks through to completion with an organized, focused & jovial demeanor because we don’t just work hard, we work smart, and we work United as a team.

Pride in what we do

We know that when we wear our Kitchen United uniform, we’re doing more than just going to work. We leave our troubles at the door and take pride in how we present ourselves and the way in which we work. We encourage each other to be at our best.

Our service assumes we are on a stage to thousands of unassuming guests and we perform knowing that everything we do is because we are our brand and we take pride in what we do every single day.

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